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Worthy Burger

Worthy Burger is the top craft beer destination in the Upper Valley, featuring an ever changing list of 15 draughts, with a focus on Vermont's most sought after artisanal breweries, including Hill Farmstead, Lawson's Finest, Lost Nation, Foley Brothers, and Zero Gravity, augmented by some of the best small breweries of New England, such as Jack's Abby, Maine Beer Company, and Rising Tide. All styles are covered, with a nice blend of session beers and Imperials. Hop heads and Maltsters will both be pleased. The list is overseen by the "Beer Dude," Dave Brodrick, who also founded the Blind Tiger in New York City.


The food is equally "Worthy," with an assortment of burgers - Beef, Turducky (a blend of turkey and duck confit), Fish'Wich, and Veggie - all grilled over Vermont hardwood, and served on the proprietary Worthy Bun. VT cheese, house made kimchi, and caramelized onions are available as add-ons. The hand cut French fries are cooked twice in beef tallow.


The "Food Dude," Executive Chef Jason Merrill, is always searching for the "Worthy Difference" in everything he prepares, something elemental that turns his high quality, farm fresh ingredients into a special experience. For him, there's nothing more elemental than cooking over a hardwood fire, creating unique flavors you just can't get with gas. On meat it adds a better crust, helps seal in juices, and imparts a smokey crunch to every bite. The Beer Dude and the Food Dude don't always see eye to eye, but they do agree on one thing: Vermont craft beer reaches its pinnacle when it's paired with a Worthy Burger and fries.


The Numbers Dude (CFO Kurt Lessard) wants you to know that the Worthy Burger serves local food and drink at affordable prices by dealing directly with farmers, using counter service to cut down on labor costs, while offering a simple menu that produces almost no waste. And the WB only accepts cash, though an ATM is available in the restaurant.



All Worthy Burgers are grilled over Vermont hardwood, come with lettuce & raw onion, and are served on the Worthy Bun


Worthy Burger
a 6oz grass fed patty served pink in the middle

Xtra Worthy
two 6 oz grass fed patties

a blend of pasture raised turkey and duck confit 

a rotating selection of line caught fish 

Veg Out
a veggie burger that changes with the seasons

Worthy Fries
cooked in beef tallow

Worthy Salad Small & Large
greens, veggies, cheese

Seasonal Desserts

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