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Square Cars - Vintage Rally

October 24th 9am

A classic driving event for square cars only - the boxy icons of the 80's and 90's. In a world of shapes there are few iconic boxes. It's the opportunity for the future classics. BMW made two e30 and e28. How 'bout an M1? Does it blur the lines between box and wedge? Hmm... judgment call. Rabbit GTI? Nothing boxier. Lancia Delta Integrale, Giugiaro's kin. In fact this event may secretly be a tribute to Giorgetto Giugiaro - the father of square cars.


We'll head north toward Canada to enjoy uncrowded roads and beautiful rolling hills. Windows down and a good tape on, we'll take a day out of the history books, or a movie set. 


If you think Jenna Jameson has nothing on your box, please send us an email or post to our Facebook Event to determine eligiblility or just sign up to the right. If your car isn't eligible, we'll refund you. Earlybird pricing is available until October 12th. Raindate Sunday 10/25


Prepay to ensure entry. 

Payment on is for food only. Any associated driving or transportation to, from, or during this drive is undertaken at your own risk. You agree that Europa Mothership or anyone attending the food events will not under any circumstance be liable to any person for any loss or damage in any way connected with the events of the day.

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