Auto Fondo 2019

September 21st 8:00am

So Zach moved... but only about 15 miles, and we're still having dinner at his house, we're still driving great roads, and we'll still be in the company of fantastic people with interesting cars.


Sam Catalano has graciously offered up Catalano Airfield as our lunch destination, complete with 1930's aircraft.


We'll have breakfast and coffee on foot at Restoration and Performance Motorcars in Vergennes to start off the day at 8:00am. We're going to try to dine and dash at RPM and get on the road promptly.


From there we’ll drive west to revisit the Adirondacks, stop for lunch, then work our way back to an early dinner prepared over an open fire with the help of Chef Zach in Charlotte. 

Classic cars are best enjoyed on the open road - and with friends. Please bring a co-driver to help share driving and navigating duty. Our route books will be even better this year. The route will be complex to ensure that we drive the best roads slightly away from the traveled path.

Register below. $350/car w/breakfast/lunch/dinner for two occupants

Payment on is for food only. Any associated driving or transportation to, from, or during this drive is undertaken at your own risk. You agree that Europa Mothership or anyone attending the food events will not under any circumstance be liable to any person for any loss or damage in any way connected with the events of the day.

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