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Auto Gelato 2023
Saturday, November 4th 9:00am

We moved the date of our driving event and pushed deeper into fall after many of our dedicated friends emailed their regrets due to other commitments. So we will embrace Auto Gelato - a traditional late season romp with less traffic. We'll also drop our vintage age restriction allowing cars from any era. Driving errs toward brisk as will the weather.

The group will head from RPM in the morning, east toward 89 where we'll make some time to get into more interesting roads. Roads that have numbers like 12-14-302, etc. We'll have a fan-favorite box lunch before knocking out more mileage. Total mileage is currently unknown. As always, twisty roads with crests for little cars. Long straights for the big cars.


Thank you to everyone that came on events in the past. This year we'll celebrate Zach and Nina's huge new kitchen with another great dinner and stories from the road. 


We're exited to see you. Your cool cars. And your sporty driving. 

This year we can make more promises.

A few updates/details for 2023: 

1. No route book this year, we'll tell you the stops - choose your own adventure (kidding, but it will be different)

2. No car age restriction
3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served outside, with shelter, though we can't guarantee a rain free lunch
4. We’re very happy to refund any event costs if you can’t make it
5. Space is limited, so if you want to join this year, please let us know asap

6. More dirt roads - if we can find some that aren't muddy

Register here. $365/car w/breakfast/lunch/dinner for two occupants

em 2017 lancia.jpg

Payment on is for food only. Any associated driving or transportation to, from, or during this drive is undertaken at your own risk. You agree that Europa Mothership or anyone attending the food events will not under any circumstance be liable to any person for any loss or damage in any way connected with the events of the day.

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