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Auto Fondo 2022
Saturday, September 17th 9:00am

Fondo fresh for 2022, we return to the Empire State for a brisk run to a private airfield. There we'll enjoy a better box lunch than we have had in a while amongst some of the most interesting cars, and a handful of interesting airplanes. Total mileage is around 230. Twisty roads with crests for you little car people. Long straights with sight lines for you big car people.


Thank you to everyone that came on events during the past couple years. Last year we brought back the regular Fondo format with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the full route. The cool cars. The heavenly driving. 

This year we can make more promises.

A few updates/details for 2022: 

1. We ask that all participants are fully vaccinated for COVID-19
2. All cars must have chassis designs from 1998 or earlier
3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served outside
4. Of course, if you don’t feel well, please skip it this year. As always, we’re very happy to refund any event costs if you can’t make it
5. Space is limited, so if you want to join this year, please let us know asap

6. Lunch will be back to prior glory with sandwiches from Healthy Living

7. I promise an even better route book (I do this every year)

8. There will be a dirt road or two. We'll find some, they make the world interesting, and our cars aren't made of sugar

Register below. $465/car w/breakfast/lunch/dinner for two occupants and an exclusive gift!

em 2017 lancia.jpg

Fully compatible with your Auto Fondo™ lifestyle, the Europa Mothership tote bag from LL Bean will become a permanent part of your collection. We still have a limited number of these. Zippered top, size medium.

Payment on is for food only. Any associated driving or transportation to, from, or during this drive is undertaken at your own risk. You agree that Europa Mothership or anyone attending the food events will not under any circumstance be liable to any person for any loss or damage in any way connected with the events of the day.

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